The relocation of staff, product, technology and storage is an integral part of any project as well as being a service that is required for the day to day management of an office. The service provided by Ci3 will include as a minimum:

  • The management of every step of the move
  • Tailor made solutions
  • The co-ordination of all aspects of the relocation or removal
  • Experienced on site project managers with an understanding of private and public sectors
  • A warehousing facility for interim (or long term) periods
  • A knowledge of all furniture ranges on the mark

The installation team at Ci3 are directly employed and will be introduced to a client team with the aim of working with that team for the project and beyond often building essential relationships that continue for as long as a client requires.

Crate Hire

The provision of crates is often required as part of a project to enable the relocation of staff or as a service to a client to enable internal moves to take place that may not involve the installation team at Ci3. A range of crate sizes are available which can generally be delivered to site the day after a request is made.

Environmental & Green Disposal

Ci3 have in place a policy to keep the companies carbon footprint to a practical minimum, business practices and recycling both form important parts of this policy. Ci3 strive to minimise the impact on the environment of all of its operations and ensure that any proposal achieves the highest environmental standards possible within the budget that is available.

The environmental practices are constantly reviewed in line with industry and government standards, a current environmental statement is available on request.

The partnerships that Ci3 has with many manufacturers are based in part on an understanding of the goals that the company aspires to and how those goals reflect suppliers own practices and methods.

Communication generally with clients is electronic from proposal to invoice, everything is managed by email minimising the use of paper and consumables.

All waste materials and products are evaluated for alternative use with, for example, suitable furniture being donated to schools or charities. Furniture that is not suitable for further use is broken down into individual components to allow as much material as possible to be recycled. Environmentally harmful products such as chair gas lifts and fluorescent tubes are disposed of through appropriate facilities allowing any harmful agents to be safely removed. Packaging materials are, wherever possible, returned to the manufacturer or recycled.

Network Cabling

Ci3 also undertake the installation and alteration of network cabling working to EIA/TIA industry standards for Category 5e, 6 or 6a systems.

A cabling network cannot function to its optimum potential unless the design and installation conform to the highest standards. Ci3 have the experience to deliver systems to these standards.

Installations are fully tested upon completion in accordance with ISO 11801 and EN50173. All tests are fully recorded and site documentation provided on completion.